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Cranberry Blogs - Rebel Dietitian

Kait Fortunato, RD, the Rebel Dietitian, wrote a featured guest post on cranberries on RBitzer.com, “The latest scoop on cranberries.” She shared information about “Friendsgiving” and included tips to incorporate cranberries into holiday celebrations. She also included a link to the CI website.

The Rebel Dietitian loves the tanginess of a homemade BBQ chicken sauce.

Cranberry BBQ Chicken

Last month I got creative using cranberry sauce in a BBQ chicken recipe and this month I was able to experiment with dried cranberries, again – I love the versatility! Aside from using them in the salad and dressing recipe provided I have also been enjoying the dried cranberries in Greek yogurt for breakfast and mixed with nuts and chocolate chips as an afternoon snack.

Cranberry Spinach Salad  

I never thought to use cranberries in a BBQ sauce but the slight sweetness added in was so delicious. 

Cranberry BBQ Chicken

I am excited to be a blogger for the Cranberry Institute. Stay tuned for great recipes, nutrition facts and tips. In the meantime here are some of my favorite ways to use cranberries…

Top 10 Things I am Loving This April

Sauces are one of my favorite things to make ahead and freeze as a simple way to jazz up plain chicken breast. Making them homemade gives you control over the ingredients and helps with the sodium and sugar content typically found in store-bought sauces. One of my recent favorites is this Cranberry BBQ Sauce (recipe provided by the Cranberry Institute)…

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