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The Ameliorative Role of Cranberry Extract and Bone Marrow Cells Against Chlorambucil Cytotoxicity in Rat Fertility

Nafie, E. H. O. Khater, E. Awwad, M. Zowail, M. Hegazy, K.
African Journal of Biotechnology; 2017. 16(6):274-279

The objective of the current study was to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of cranberry extracts and bone marrow cells against chlorambucil (CHB) effect on rats' fertility. Forty adult male albino rats were divided randomly into eight equal groups as the following; normal control, rats injected orally with 0.2 mg/kg of CHB for 14 days, rats injected orally with 100 mg/kg of cranberry extract (CB) for ten days, rats intravenously injected with bone marrow cells (BMC) through tail vain, rats protected with both CB and BMC, rats treated with CHB+CB, rats treated with CHB+BMC and rats treated with CHB+BMC+CB. Genotoxicity were evaluated by counting and comparing the value of sperm abnormalities and normal sperm count. Results show that rats injected with CHB had remarkable increase in sperm head abnormalities as without hook, banana shape and hummer shape. Admission of cranberry extract and bone marrow cells after chemotherapy improved the frequency of the sperm abnormalities.