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Enjoyable Food Ideas for a Busy Party-Filled Summer
By Rebecca Scritchfield,
Find out more about breaking cranberry research and why “good health comes with PACs from cranberries” – while also discovering some easy and delicious ways to include cranberries all summer long. She included the new research from Ana Rodriguez-Mateos, and provided several great ways to incorporate cranberries into healthy recipes during the holidays.

Rebecca Stritchfield featured a cranberry barbecue sauce on a segment for Let’s Talk Live in Washington DC this morning, including it as the “red” item for festive July 4th recipes. She says that cranberries are her secret ingredient in the delicious sauce, and goes on to explain the many health benefits of cranberries. She also incorporates messages regarding the necessity for some sweetening of cranberries for palatability. The full segment can be watched here.

We tend to think of cranberries as a holiday food, but they’re good for us all year round! Did you know that cranberry products contain antioxidants called Flavonoids? Healthy Entertaining Ideas for the Fourth of July 

I highly recommend it for your next BBQ. It’s worth the effort for this sweet and smoky sauce to compliment your grilled chicken and pork. For more info about cranberries visit www.cranberryinstitute.orgCranberry Chipotle Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Rebecca lists 10 reasons to incorporate dried cranberries into your diet, including MyPlate guidelines, PAC content, UTI benefits, flavonoid content and that the amount of sugar is equal to other dried fruits 10 Reasons to Love Dried Cranberries!