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Combination of different probiotics and berry-derived (poly)phenols can modulate immune response in dendritic cells

Taverniti, Valentina; Del Bo, Cristian; Fiore, Walter; Gargari, Giorgio; Arioli, Stefania; Riso, Patrizia; Guglielmetti, Simone; Frokiaer, Hanne
JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS 94:105121. 10.1016/j.jff.2022.105121

The immunomodulatory potential of probiotics and (poly)phenols (PP) is recognized; however, studies regarding microorganisms-PP synergisms are yet to be explored. Here, we investigated the cooperation between probiotics and berry-derived PP extracts in modulating the cytokine responses in dendritic cells. Bacteria elicited immune responses in a strain-dependent manner. PP extracts showed different modulation of cytokine triggered by bacteria. Also with LPS, used as pro-inflammatory stimulus, PP from blueberry (BB) and cranberry (CB) most efficiently reduced IL12 production. L. paracasei LPC-S01 and B. bifidum MIMBb23sg resulted the best bacterial association in abrogating IL12 and increasing IL10. The use of PP fraction from BB50f and CB1 with the LPC-S01 + MIMBb23sg association resulted the most efficient combinations in terms of anti-inflammatory activity. These results provide bases for further investigation in vivo, in the perspective to develop food supplements that might conceivably deliver the single and combined benefits of probiotics and berry (poly)phenols.