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Cranberries - Potential Benefits in Patients with Chronic Kidney disease

de Almeida Alvarenga L; Borges NA; Moreira LSG; Resende Teixeira KT; Carraro-Eduardo JC; Dai L; Stenvinkel P; Lindholm B; Mafra D.
Food & Function. 10(6):3103-3112

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) present many complications that potentially could be linked to increased cardiovascular mortality such as inflammation, oxidative stress, cellular senescence and gut dysbiosis. There is growing evidence suggesting that nutritional strategies may reduce some of these complications. Clinical studies suggest that supplementation of cranberries may have beneficial effects on human health such as prevention of urinary tract infections. More recently, the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects as well as modulation of gut microbiota provided by cranberry phytochemicals have drawn more attention. A better understanding of possible effects and mechanisms of action of cranberry supplementation in humans could inform researchers about warranted future directions for clinical studies targeting these complications in CKD patients by applying nutritional strategies involving cranberry supplementation.