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Cysticlean a highly pac standardized content in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections: an observational, prospective cohort study.

Sanchez Ballester F, Ruiz Vidal V, Lopez Alcina E, Domenech Perez C, Escudero Fontano E, Oltra Benavent A, Montoliu Garcia A, Sobron Bustamante M
BMC Urol 13:28

BACKGROUND: The present study was aimed at determining the prophylactic efficacy of American cranberry (AC) extract (Cysticlean) in women with recurrent symptomatic postcoital urinary tract infections (PCUTI), non-consumer of AC extract in the past 3 months before inclusion, and to determine changes in their quality of life (QoL).

METHODS: This was a single center, observational, prospective study in a total of 20 women (mean age 35.2 years; 50.0% were married). Patients were followed up for 3 and 6 months during treatment.

RESULTS: The number of PCUTIs in the previous 3 months prior to start the treatment with Cysticlean was 2.8+1.3 and it was reduced to 0.2+0.5 at Month 6 (P

CONCLUSIONS: Prophylaxis with American cranberry extract (Cysticlean) could be an alternative to classical therapies with antibiotics. Further studies are needed to confirm results obtained in this pilot study.