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Does cranberry juice have antibacterial activity?

Lee YL, Owens J, Thrupp L and Cesario TC
JAMA 283(13):1691

No abstract - Methods: We tested a 5-fold concentrated preparation of the juice to simulate the cranberry concentrate currently available commercially. The concentrate was diluted 1:1 with trypticase soy broth and adjusted to a pH of 7.0 to ensure that the results would not be confounded by the acidity of the medium. We added an inoculum of approximately 104 colony-forming units per milliliter from an overnight culture of a variety of American Type Culture Collection–quality control strains both to plain broth and the broth to which the cranberry juice had been added. Both cultures were incubated at 35°C and bacterial counts performed in duplicate at 90 minutes and 24 hours.