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Studying the pharmacogenomic effect of cranberry extract on reducing body weight using collaborative cross mice.

Amer-Sarsour, F., Saleh, R. A., Ofeka, I., Iraqi, F. A.
Food and Function 2021. 12(11):4972-4982.

The non-dialyzable material (NDM) of polyphenol-rich cranberry extract (CRE) powder (NDM-CRE) was studied for its effect of inducing body weight (BW) loss in 13 different mouse lines with well-defined genetically diverse backgrounds, named the collaborative cross (CC). From the age of 8 weeks, the mice were maintained on a high-fat diet (HFD) for 18 weeks, to induce obesity, and BW was measured biweekly. From week 12, CRE was injected intraperitoneally (IP) (50 mg kg-1) 3 times a week per mouse for a 6 week period. Statistical analysis results have shown a significant increase in body weight between week 0 and week 12; the increase in BW of 13 lines of mice on HFD was in the range of 10.41% to 68.65% for males and 9.78% to 64.74% for females. After injecting NDM-CRE extract, our analysis has shown an induced change in BW between week 12 and week 18. In males, NDM-CRE caused a significant decrease in BW of 5 out of the 13 lines in the range of -5.68% to -16.69% and a significant increase of 8.31% in BW of one male line, whereas in seven lines there was no significant decrease (-2.14% to -4.09%). In females, NDM-CRE caused a significant decrease in BW of 5 out of the 13 lines in the range of -3.90% to -11.83%, whereas in eight lines there were no significant changes in BW and it ranged between -1.50% and 4.90%. The broad-sense heritability (H2) and genetic coefficient of variation (CVg) were estimated and found to be between 0.71 and 0.81 for H2, and 0.18 and 0.24 for CVg of females and males, respectively, with respect to the efficacy of NDM-CRE on body weight reduction. Our results have shown that hosts with different genetic backgrounds respond differently to body weight increase, as well as to NDM-CRE treatment for body weight reduction. These results provide a platform for assessing more CC lines and mapping genes underlying the efficacy of the NDM-CRE treatment as a way of understanding pharmacogenomics.