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Therapeutic potential of cranberry for kidney health and diseases

Amin, R; Thalluri, C; Docea, AO; Sharifi‐Rad, J; Calina, D
eFood. 2022;3:e33.

A higher risk of cardiovascular mortality in persons with chronic renal failure(CRF) is linked to inflammation, oxidative stress, cellular aging, and gutdysbiosis, to name a few contributing factors. According to a growing body ofevidence, some dietary choices may reduce the severity of certain adverseeffects. Specialized databases such as PubMed/Medline, Embase, Google Scholar,and UpToDate were searched tofind published studies that focus on thepharmacological effects and mechanisms of cranberries’bioactive compounds onCRF and human health. Cranberry supplementation has been demonstrated inclinical research to offer health advantages for humans, such as reducing urinarytract infections. Recently, it has been reported that cranberry polyphenols possessantiinflammatory and antioxidant effects and are also known to have thecapacity to affect gutflora. Scientific studies on the beneficial pharmacologicaleffects of cranberries on human health may provide an understanding oftraditional cranberry therapy in chronic kidney disease and other chronicconditions. However, translational studies are needed to determine the exact dosethat can be administered to humans as well as the validation of nutritionalsupplements that contain cranberry extract.