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Cranberry Blogs

Danielle Omar, RD, of Food Confidence, created a unique “Red Salad with Lemony Vinaigrette” which highlighted the health benefits of red ingredients, including cranberries, calling out some of their key nutrients and anthocyanin content. The post was also included on recipe photo site, Healthy Aperture and blog syndicate, BlogLovin.


Kristy Hegner, RD, of Chocolate Slopes, posted a “CHICKEN SALAD WITH DRIED CRANBERRIES AND WALNUTS” recipe, recommending it as a quick meal to pull together. She explains that dried fruit, such as cranberries, add some sweetness and tang to the recipe, while noting key messaging on the necessity of sugar for palatability. Kristy also suggests cranberries as a convenient grab and go snack.


Sarah Smith, RD shared two recipes on her new blog, California Coastal Nutrition, referencing fun new ways to use cranberries in the “Cranberry & Cucumber Potato Salad” and the “Cranberry, Brown Rice and Chickpea Side Dish.”


Karman Meyer, RD made a superfood salad recipe – featuring cranberries – for her blog, Nutrition Adventure. She mentioned that cranberries are a great add to any salad, referencing their great flavor and many health benefits, including their PAC content and UTI prevention.
Stephanie Lang, RD, of FigsInMyBelly, shared an innovative “sheet tray salad” which included cranberry sauce as part of the Cranberry Bog Blogger Recipe Challenge. She also posted several great tips on how to use leftover cranberry sauce.


Diane Boyd, RD, of Cape Fear Nutrition, posted about the growing “Friendsgiving” holiday and shared an innovative stuffing recipe to bring to this year’s potluck, using oats, turmeric and cranberry sauce. She also included information about the Cranberry Marketing Committee’s Friendsgiving contest, as well as a link to research on the Cranberry Institute website. In addition, Diane shared a “Cranberry Nut Quick Bread” recipe on her blog, timed to baking for the holidays.


Sharon Palmer, RD, The Plant- Based Dietitian, created an “Oat Cranberry Pilaf with Pistachios” recipe to share on her blog, timed with the Friendsgiving holiday promotion.
Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, featured healthy Thanksgiving recipes on a recent segment for WBAL Baltimore, and shared the segment on her blog.


RebeccaScritchfield.com. She included the new research from Ana Rodriguez-Mateos, and provided several great ways to incorporate cranberries into healthy recipes during the holidays.


Amber Pankonin, RD, of Stirlist, created a “Cranberry Quinoa Burger” recipe as part of her fall post, mentioning the great taste of the cranberry sauce and the many health benefits, linking to health research information on the CI website.


Tawnie Kroll, RD, of Kroll’s Korner, shared her first ever Bog Blogger post with a “Brown Rice and Cranberry-Ginger Sauce” recipe. In her post, she included interest cranberry facts, health tips and new cranberry health research.


Anne Danahy, of Craving Something Healthy, created a fun holiday appetizer recipe, “Mini Turkey Meatballs with Curried Cranberry Sauce,” in response to the Cranberry Bog Blogger Recipe Challenge mailer – recommending it as a great “Friendsgiving” dish.


Stephanie Lang, of FigsInMyBelly, shared the Cranberry & Cilantro Quinoa Salad recipe, discussing how simple and delicious the recipe is, and including some great photos. She also shared the recipe on Instagram and Facebook, with both posts receiving positive engagement from readers.


Danielle Omar, RD, contributor to popular recipe blog, Healthy Aperture, featured her rendition of the Cranberry & Cilantro Quinoa Salad in her “Inspired Vegetarian” column, mentioning the great antioxidant benefits of cranberries and including some beautiful recipe photos. She also shared the post on her personal blog, Food Confidence. She shared the posts across her social media on Twitter (for Food Confidence and Healthy Aperture), Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram—with all posts receiving positive engagement including comments, repins and shares.


Kristy Hegner, MPH, RD was excited to partner with the Cranberry Institute and very enthusiastic to share cranberry information with her readers. She featured a unique take on the Cranberry & Cilantro Quinoa Salad on her blog, Chocolate Slopes, as well as included some of the health benefits of cranberries. She also shared the blog post on her Facebook and Twitter pages—and both posts have already received positive engagement, with a Facebook comment saying the recipe looks great, as well as retweets and favorites.


Craving Something Healthy, written by Anne Danahy, RD, featured the Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa Salad as a delicious Meatless Monday recipe, along with some new cranberry research facts. She noted how much she loved the recipe and shared it on her Twitter as well as on her Pinterest page four times. One of her pins was also repinned by Food & Nutrition magazine, which has nearly 66,000 Pinterest followers!


Sarah Smith, new blogger and founder of California Coastal Nutrition, shared her first post as a Cranberry Bog Blogger. Sarah recently launched her blog and included the Cranberry & Cilantro Quinoa Salad recipe as well as cranberry science and a link to the research library in her first post!


Kristy Hegner, of Chocolate Slopes, featured a Creamy Broccoli Salad with Dried Cranberries. This post was also included as a guest post on dietitian Kara Lydon’s blog, as well as shared on Kristy’s Facebook and Twitter and Kara’s Twitter. This is a great example of how cranberries can be incorporated into unique recipes regularly.


Nutritioulicious included cranberries in a roundup of “5 Foods for Women’s Health + Recipe,” referencing cranberry research and facts we shared in our latest Bog Blogger update. She also shared the post on her Facebook and Twitter pages—with both posts receiving positive engagement from readers.


Diane Boyd, RD, at Cape Fear Nutrition discussed a variety of cranberry health benefits and featured the Cranberry & Cilantro Quinoa Salad recipe, as well as some of our global flavor swap suggestions. She also shared the post on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Kait Fortunato, Rebel Dietitian and contributor to the Empowered Eating blog, shared a potato salad recipe, emphasizing the recipe as a great way to use cranberries in the summer. She also includes some fun ways to use cranberry juice cocktail throughout the season. The post was also shared on the Empowered Eating Twitter and Facebook.


Rebecca Stritchfield featured a cranberry barbecue sauce on a segment for Let’s Talk Live in Washington DC this morning, including it as the “red” item for festive July 4th recipes. She says that cranberries are her secret ingredient in the delicious sauce, and goes on to explain the many health benefits of cranberries. She also incorporates messages regarding the necessity for some sweetening of cranberries for palatability. The full segment can be watched here.


Samantha Heller also highlighted cranberries in a segment discussing summer fruit recipes on Better Connecticut – WFSB (viewership: 10,816) on June 22. She included a Cranberry Harvest Pasta Salad, mentioning that cranberries provide the power of PACs, as well as a delicious tang to the recipe. The full segment can be watched here. The segment, as well as the recipe, were also posted to WFSB.com (UVM: 646,013). The full article is attached.


Diane Boyd, of Cape Fear Nutrition, posted the Cranberry & Cucumber Potato Salad recipe and included cranberry and sugar messages, as well as mentioned how much she loved the recipe, and that cranberries are a great unexpected addition to a potato salad. She also shared the post on her Twitter (followers: 1,023), Facebook (likes: 322) and Instagram (followers: 175).The full post is attached for your reference.


Sharon Palmer, of The Plant-Based Dietitian also shared the recipe and cranberry research. Of note, Sharon is the editor of Environmental Nutrition, and Amy has recently responded to the article mentioning added sugar and cranberry juice. In this post, Sharon does not mention any issues related to added sugar, and emphasizes that she loves cranberries and the health benefits they provide. She also shared the post on her Facebook (likes: 1,960) and Twitter (followers: 5,317). The article is attached for your reference.


Stephanie Lang, of Figs in My Belly, posted the Cranberry & Cucumber Potato Salad recipe, mentioning how she likes adding something unexpected to her summer salads—and cranberries are a great option. She shared the post on her Twitter and Facebook pages.


Christy Wilson Nutrition

Christy Wilson says, “Between their delicious flavor, gorgeous color and this amazing anti-adhesion property, cranberries are definitely among my list of super-nutritious foods!”

Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich


Down To Earth Dietitian

 Jen Haugen tells her readers that scientists have shown that flavonoids give fruits, like cranberries, and vegetables most of their antioxidant properties and that a flavonoid-rich diet may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cranberry Spinach Salad with Avocado



RD Amber says, “One of the easiest ways you can give your salad a makeover is by adding dried fruit. I especially love dried cranberries because of their tart flavor and many health benefits!”

Cranberry Spinach Salad


Food Confidence

Danielle Omar teaches her readers that, “fresh cranberries (the kind you make cranberry sauce with) have roughly the same amount of sugar as a lemon, so they need a little sweetener to be palatable.”

Green Salad With Warm Cranberry Dressing


Juggling with Julia

RD Julia recommends people “eat the rainbow” to get important nutrients. One recipe she recommends for colorful eating is a Purple Cabbage Cranberry Apple Slaw, which is chock full of phytochemicals.

Purple Cabbage Cranberry Apple Slaw


Christy Wilson Nutrition

Christy uses dried cranberries in her easy, healthful spinach salad and shares cranberry health and nutrition information she received as a Cranberry Bog Blogger.

Cranberry Spinach Salad with Avocados

Kelly's Food Paradise

Dietetic Student Kelly loves cranberries for their flavor and health benefits. As a deli cook at a local market, she made a Cranberry Chicken Salad for a weekly special and it sold out. She says, “That’s the power of dried cranberries!”

Cranberry Chicken Salad



As a Cranberry Bog Blogger, I’m sent quarterly research updates, cranberry tips and seasonal recipes, and cranberries!

Cranberry Spinach Salad with Avocado

Zen & Spice

I’ve recently teamed up with the Cranberry Institute, as a Cranberry Bog Blogger! The goal is to support and promote the science behind cranberries, as well as give people interesting facts, tips and nutritious recipes made with the North American cranberry. 

Cranberry Spinach Salad with Avocado

Juggling with Julia        

There’s also a hefty dose of proanthocyanidins, a butt-kicking flavonoid that prevents bacteria from sticking to your cell wells. Trust me that this is a good thing, and enjoy this spicy sweet dish.

Spicy Sweet Cranberry Chicken

Beautifully Nutty        

A commenter said: I love cranberries! I use dried cranberries in oatmeal, cereal, homemade granola bars/granola, etc. And I also really like cranberry sauce. The sweet and savory combo in this dish sounds wonderful!

Cranberry BBQ Chicken


Craving Something Healthy     

While fresh cranberries are available only in the fall (stock up because you can freeze them for up to a year), cranberry sauce is available year-round, so pick up a can and experiment! Cranberries are also quite a healthy little fruit – full of various antioxidants and compounds that protect us from urinary tract infections and other chronic diseases.

Cranberry-Asian BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Down To Earth Dietitian         

One of the few fruits native to America are cranberries. So why not make it a patriotic picnic by featuring cranberries for Memorial Day dishes.

Patriotic Picnic Ideas


The cranberries give the sauce a nice tartness that will blow your taste buds! And Bonus: it’s a great way to increase the nutrition in your BBQ sauce. When I talk about cranberries with my students and clients, it seems like most of them reserve cranberries for Thanksgiving and ignore them the rest of the year. Say whaaaa??? People, let’s not limit cranberries to Thanksgiving alone!

Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Paper Blog   

Front and center or as “secret” ingredient in your heart-healthy recipes, cranberries can provide you with benefits all year-long.

Benefits of the Ruby-Red Pearl


Appetite for Health         

The post features the health benefits of cranberries, including their antioxidant properties and UTI benefits, but most importantly it mentions the Advances in Nutrition review conclusion that cranberries provide unique compounds that may help reduce the incidence of certain infections, improve heart health and temper inflammation with a link to the review online.

Cranberries: They May be Small, But They Are Mighty


The Lean Green Bean     

Lindsay discusses the health benefits of cranberries, including nutrient density, PAC content, heart health, ulcer and cancer prevention, as well as why dried cranberries are a great option.  Lindsay also includes a Cranberry Whole Wheat Muffins recipe          

Cranberry Whole Wheat Muffins


Fuel School        

Pamela discusses the health benefits of cranberries, including their unique PACs and role in UTI prevention and additional health benefits         

Why Cranberries Are So Good for Your Health


Amibitious & Nutritious  

Alexandra discusses the unique PACs found in cranberries and their role in UTI prevention.  Alexandra explains the different forms of cranberry and mentions dried cranberries are versatile with reference to their calorie content and serving size.  Alex also tweeted a link to the post.

Getting Creative with Cranberries


Wendy Jo           

Wendy provides details on the unique PACs found in cranberries and their role in UTI prevention.  Wendy also includes a Cranberry & Candied Pecan Salad recipe and a Blood Orange & Cranberry Spritzer recipe for her readers.

Craving Cranberries